Gildas - Lightpainting and videomapping shows

Live and in real time

Discover unique shows that mix calligraphy, choreography, and sets in virtual reality, videoprojected on architectures or indoors.


Lightpainting is an artistic technique
which makes it possible to keep in memory the traces of lights drawn in space.
Short explanation video:

Lightpainting in real time video, How it works? Youtube - 2 minutes

Gildas’s Lightpainting

I am a professional artist since 2010.

I propose shows in which I wish to bring positive energy to the spectators, thanks to the magic of lightpainting.

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Since 2006

interactive installations
smiles of the public


Each show is unique. Since 2005, I push the limits of creativity ever further


The movements of lights drawn in space give rise to superb calligraphies of light


The result is live video projected for a dazzling architectural illumination

What does Light Painting show in video and in real time looks like?

video on Youtube

I work with museums,
cultural associations, cultural centers, municipalities
and also for private events


I illuminate historical treasures in a new innovative way with original and luminous creations: a pieta bathed in divine energy, a sculpture calligraphed with light, a chapel illuminated by videomapping



Video on youtube

With the cultural associations, the richness of the covered themes is infinite.

Here is 2 minutes video extracts from my last show on several facades for the ACETO association in Montricoux.
Watch the full video of this show on Youtube - 18 minutes

For private event

Highlighting a brand, a company’s birthday party, lightpainting is made for your event!

Lightpainting, light calligraphy and dance workshops

Watch a video on Youtube

Interactive installation of lightpainting

Watch video on youtube

Inks and paper

Here are my « old-fashioned » creations to discover my sources

Inks and paper page

A bespoke and unique workflow

Since 2009, I have developed my own software dedicated to lightpainting, other software like Madmapper and Unity have been added to it.
Everything is cleverly prepared for a smooth show

Discover the libre currency

On this page you can discover the creations that I have created in honor of this democratic currency:

each member creates the same part of currency every day.

Photo credits: Marlene Blackdough by Hkvisuals


Explanation video of libre currency in english
Libre currency - artistic photo galery page
More stuff - french page
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